November 13, 2017 1 min read

BELJOY - Buy Jewelry, Save Lives

We met the owners of BELJOY at our Fall Show! The designer is so amazing and inspiring. Abby is the designer and mastermind of this company. It's a family owned and operated company out of the US who works closely with the Haitian Christian Mission. 

Here is Abby's story:

"My husband’s family has a long-standing relationship with Haitian Christian Mission in Fond Parisien and several other orphanages and organizations within the country. These relationships opened our eyes to the need in Haiti and helped lay the groundwork for Béljoy. Béljoy now enjoys a strategic partnership with Haiti Made, an entity of Hands and Feet Project."

Each piece is designed by Abby and made by Haitian women. Materials used are from Haiti, our favorite is their hand-made bracelets made with clay. You can stack the bracelets and pair them with their earrings and necklace to complete the set.

These make the perfect gifts because you can feel good when the items are purchased that you are helping people in need while purchasing beautiful hand-made items. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. 

Their designs are trendy and fun. Another amazing thing about this line is their price point. They purposely keep their prices low so they can keep the Haitian women producing their products. 

We are in love with this line! Plese, take the time to shop! 

Take your time to shop BELJOY on our site: