About Us

About Us


The original name, Lipstick & Earrings started out as a Fashion Blog in 2015. The name came from living with my Sittee for so long. She was amazing! She could never leave her house without her Lipstick & Earrings. I fondly remember driving back to her house many times because she forgot one of them! I miss her so much! She was an amazing role model. She couldn't walk in flat shoes, she had to wear heels or her feet would hurt. I could go on forever about this wonderful lady.

We grew up shopping with Sittee so to honor her and our passion for fashion, we decided to start an online boutique that features many unique items.

Because of the name Lipstick and Earrings, everyone would ask what brands of lipstick we carried? At the time we sold earrings but did not sell Lipstick. It became an issue for customers and vendors.

In 2018, we changed the name to Lizzie's because everyone thought we sold Lipstick. The name Lizzie is still near and dear to me. It was short for Elizabeth, which was Sittee's first name.

Welcome to Lizzie's!

To meet us in person and really find out about us. Find our Facebook group where we go live weekly!